Research and Development Opportunities for the Linear Collider

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Workshop date: April 5, 2002



Contacting the organizers...
Dan Amidei (co-chair), University of Michigan, (734) 764-3266
George Gollin (co-chair), University of Illinois, (217) 333-4451
Gerald C. Blazey, Northern Illinois University
Marcela Carena, Fermilab
David Finley, Fermilab
Gene Fisk, Fermilab
David Gerdes, University of Michigan
Bob Kephart, Fermilab
Young-Kee Kim, University of California, Berkeley
Andreas Kronfeld, Fermilab
Nigel Lockyer, University of Pennsylvania
Slawomir Tkaczyk, Fermilab
Rick VanKooten, Indiana University