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Photoproduction of Heavy Flavours

Overview of the E687/FOCUS spectrometer:
The FERMILAB E687 Collaboration studies production and decay properties of heavy flavours produced in photon-hadron interactions. The experiment recorded approximately 500 million hadronic triggers in the 1990-91 fixed target run at Fermilab from which over 80 thousand charm decays were fully reconstructed. Physics publications include the precision lifetime measurements of the charm hadrons, D meson semileptonic form factors, detailed Dalitz plot analyses, charm meson and baryon decay modes and spectroscopy, searchs for rare and forbidden phenomena, and tests of QCD production mechanisms. The follow-on experiment FOCUS COLLABORATION (FERMILAB E831) successfully recorded huge amount of data during the 1996-1997 fixed target run, and is currently analyzing the data set fervently.

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E687 information available online:

New results:

Analysis of the D+,D_s^+ -> pi- pi+ pi + Dalitz Plots
Observation of the Vector Meson Cabibbo Suppressed Decay D+ --> rho mu nu
Five body decays of the D^+ and D_s^+
Search for Rare and Forbidden Semileptonic Decays of the Charmed Meson D+
Analysis of the Cabibbo Supressed Decay Do --> pi- /ell+ nu
Charm-Anticharm Asymmetries in High Energy Photoproduction
Analysis of the Decay Mode D0 --> K- mu+ nu
Search for the Decay of D+ and D_s+ Mesons to Three Charged Kaons
Study of Higher Mass Charm Baryons Decaying to Lambda_c+
Doubly and Singly Cabibbo Suppressed Charm Decays into the K+pi-pi+ Final State
First measurement of the lifetime of the Omega_c^o
Study of Charged Hadronic Four-body Decays of the D0 Meson
Analysis of the D+,Ds+ --> K+K-pi+ Dalitz Plots
Charm meson decay into the final states Ks0 K+ and Ks0 K*+
Branching ratios of the decays D0 --> K0bar K0 and D0 --> Ks Ks Ks
Search for CP violation in Charm Decay

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