Search for CP Violation in Charm Meson Decay
by P.L. Frabetti et al.
Abstract. We report the results of a search for CP violating decay rate asymmetries (A_{CP}) in the charm decay modes D^+ --> K^- K^+ \pi^+, D^+ --> K(*0)bar K^+, D^+ --> \phi \pi^+, and %and a new limit for the mode D^0 --> K^+ K^-. Our measurements are all consistent with zero asymmetry: A_{CP}(KK \pi) = -0.031 +- 0.068, A_{CP}(K^* K) = -0.12 +- 0.13, A_{CP}(\phi \pi) = 0.066 +- 0.086, and A_{CP}(KK) = 0.024 +- 0.084. The data were accumulated by the Fermilab high energy photoproduction experiment E687.