Charm meson decay into the final states Ks0 K+ and Ks0 K*+ by P.L. Frabetti et al.
Abstract: We have made a new measurement of the branching ratio $\Gamma(D^+ \rightarrow \overline{K^0} K^+) / \Gamma(D^+ \rightarrow \overline{K^0} \pi^+)$ and the first measurement of $\Gamma(D^+ \rightarrow \overline{K^0} K^{*+}) / \Gamma(D^+ \rightarrow\overline{K^0} \pi^+)$. The data were accumulated in the 1990-1991 fixed target running period of Fermilab high energy photoproduction experiment E687. We measure $\Gamma(D^+ \rightarrow \overline{K^0} K^+) / \Gamma(D^+ \rightarrow \overline{K^0} \pi^+)$ = 0.25 $\pm$ 0.04 $\pm$ 0.02 and $\Gamma(D^+ \rightarrow \overline{K^0} K^{*+}) / \Gamma(D^+ \rightarrow \overline{K^0} \pi^+)$ = 1.1 $\pm$ 0.3 $\pm$ 0.4.