Curriculum Vitae:  Mats A. Selen


Born: June 14 1958, Falun Sweden, 

Naturalized U.S. Citizen.


Present Address:

University of Illinois, Department of Physics,

Loomis Laboratory of Physics,

1110 W. Green St., Urbana, IL, 61801



Princeton University    PhD.       Physics  (1989) Thesis: Hunting for the Rare Decay K+ to pi+ mu+ mu-

                                         M.A.      Physics  (1985)

University of Guelph    MSc.      Physics  (1983) Thesis: Infrared Absorption in Proton Irradiated Solid Deuterium

                                         B.S.         Physics  (1982)


Employment History:

Full  Professor,                                          University of Illinois.              (August 2002 to present)

Acting Associate Dept. Head,                U of I Dept. of Physics.          (August 2000 to August 2001)

Associate Professor,                                University of Illinois.              (August 1997 to 2002)

Assistant Professor,                                 University of Illinois.              (March 1993 to 1997).

Research Associate,                                 Cornell University.                  (July 1989 to March 1993).

Research Associate,                                 Princeton University.              (November 1988 to July 1989).


Awards and Honors while at UIUC:

2013        Recipient of 2013 APS Excellence in Education Award
2006        Fellow of the American Physical Society
2004        Fellow of the Center for Advanced Study
2004        Co-spokesman of the CLEO-c particle physics experiment
2002        Xerox Award for Faculty Research

2001        Engineering Council Award for Excellence in Advising

2001        Collins Award for Innovative Teaching

2000        Campus Award for Excellence in Public Service

1998        College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award

1997        Everitt Award for Teaching Excellence

1997        Honorary Knight of St. Pat         

1996        Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar

1995        NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow

1995        A. P. Sloan Fellow

1995        Junior Xerox Award for Faculty Research

1994        Department of Energy Outstanding Junior Investigator


Experimental Heavy Quark Physics: Production and decays of charmed and bottom mesons.
Particle Astrophysics: The Dark Energy Survey and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope experiments.
Physics Education, classroom technology, course development, community outreach.