High Energy Physics Group

Medium & High Energy Seminar Archive

Fall 1995

September 5: Jon Thaler (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Rare b and c Decays

September 11: Gerhard Buchalla (Fermilab, Theory Group)
Higher Order QCD Corrections to K+ → π+ ν¯ν and Related Decays

September 18: Gary Gladding, Mats Selen, Scott Willenbrock (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Spring/Summer '95 Conferences Review

October 2: Greg Anderson (Fermilab, Theory Group)
Challenging Weak-Scale Supersymmetry at Colliders

October 9: Joseph Kroll (Fermilab)
Masses and Lifetimes of B Hadrons (Plenary talk given at Lepton-Photon '95 in Beijing, China)

October 10: Boris Kayser (Fermilab, Theory Group & National Science Foundation)
CP Violation and Quantum Mechanics in the B System

October 16: Randal Hans (Yale University & CDF)
Polarization in Bd → Jψ K* and Bs → Jψ φ at CDF

October 23: Mike Berger (Indiana University)
Physics Possibilities at Muon Colliders

October 30: Harry Contopanagos (Argonne National Lab, Theory Group)
Perturbative Resummation of Gluon Radiation for Top Quark Production

October 31: James Gerald (Johns Hopkins University & L3)
A Measurement of the Tau Neutrino Helicity using L3 at LEP

November 6: Jeff Harvey (University of Chicago)
Duality in String Theory

November 7: Cindy Dion-Schwarz (University of Maryland)
UHE Cosmic Ray Observations Using a Water-Cherenkov Array: a Milagro Prototype

November 13: Joe Izen (Univerity of Texas in Dallas)
Overview of BES Physics

December 4: Don Weingarten (IBM Research) -- joint Nuclear & High Energy Physics seminar
Numerical Evidence for the Observation of a Scalar Glueball