High Energy Physics Group

Medium & High Energy Seminar Archive

Fall 2014

September 8: Felix Yu (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory & University of Mainz)
Anatomizing Exotic Production of the Higgs Boson

September 15: Tongyan Lin (University of Chicago)
Gamma Rays from the GC: Dark Matter Interpretations & Collider Signals

September 22: Douglas A. Glenzinski (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
A Rare Opportunity - the Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab

September 29: Sudeshna Ganguly (University of Illinois & Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Measurement of Branching Fractions of Rare Semi-Leptonic Ds Decays

October 6: Yue Zhang (Caltech)
From the Higgs Boson to the Origin of Matters in the Universe

October 13: Ritoban Thakur (University of illinois & Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
The Quest for Light Dark Matter with Novel Ultra Low Threshold Detectors

October 20: Roy Holt (Argonne National Laboratory)
A New Search for Dark Photons

October 30: Xiangdong Ji (University of Maryland)
First Result from PandaX: A Dark Matter Search Experiment Using Liquid Xenon Detector in China Jinping Lab

November 3: Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano (MIT)
What's the Matter with the Universe?

November 10: Yanou Cui (Perimeter Institute)
Detecting Boosted Dark Matter

November 17: Brock Tweedie (University of Pittsburgh)
Deriving New LHC Constraints on Displaced Superparticles

December 1: Jacob Linacre (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Top Quark Properties in the Dilepton Channel at CMS

December 8: Matthias Grosse-Perdekamp (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Studying Proton Spin Structure Through High Energy Polarized Proton-Proton Collisions at RHIC