High Energy Physics Group

Medium & High Energy Seminar Archive

Spring 1997

January 27: Professor Rudi Thun (University of Michigan)
The Brain, Visual Processing and Consciousness

February 3: Dr. Prem P. Singh (University of Pittsburgh)
Search for the B_c Meson at CDF

February 10: Dr. Mary Anne Cummings (University of Hawaii)
Quark/Gluon Jet Differences and Their Applications at DO

February 17: Dr. Paul V. Schoessow (Argonne National Laboratory)
High Charge Photocathode Sources, Wakefields and Laser Accelerators: Accelerator R&D at ANL

February 24: Dr. Patricia Ball (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
The Decay B → Rho e nu from Light-Cone Sum Rules

March 3: Prof. John Bartelt (Vanderbilt University)
Observation of the Decay D_s → Omega Pi at CLEO: Evidence for the Annihilation Diagram?

March 4: Dr. Adrian Ghinculov (University of Freiburg)
Two-Loop Heavy Higgs Effects

March 17: Dr. Thomas J. Bowles (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Where Have All the Neutrinos Gone? The Status of the Solar Neutrino Problem

March 18: Dr. John Ellis (CERN)
Supersymmetry, LEP and the LHC

March 31: Dr. Ken Bloom (Cornell University)
Semi-Leptonic B-Decay and Other Stories from CLEO

April 7: Dr. Thomas Shutt (University of California at Berkeley)
The Search for WIMP Dark Matter with Cryogenic Detectors

April 21: Prof. Tom O'Halloran (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays

April 28: Dr. Frank Nezrick (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Fermilab Plans for a Precision Measurement of the Magnetically-Induced QED Birefringence of the Vacuum

May 5: Dr. Geoff Mills (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Recent Results from LSND

May 5: Prof. Edward Kearns (Boston University)
Recent Results from Super-Kamiokande