High Energy Physics Group

Medium & High Energy Seminar Archive

Spring 2013

January 28: Michal Tarka (Stony Brook University)
Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with the GERDA Experiment

February 11: Tuhin Roy (University of Washington)
New Horizons in Jet Substructure and Boosted Physics at the LHC

February 18: Brock Tweedie (Boston University)
New Twists in Top Quark Spin Physics

February 25: Andrey Katz (Jefferson Physical Laboratory & Harvard University)
R-Parity Violating Supersymmetry and its LHC Signals

March 1: Brian Batell (University of Chicago & Enrico Fermi Institute)
Higgs Boson vs. New Physics

March 4: Julia (Jessie) Shelton (Harvard University)
Hunting Asymmetric Stops

March 7: Ruth Britto (Institut de Physique Theorique / CEA-Saclay)
Constructing Scattering Amplitudes

April 1: Jason Clark (Argonne National Laboratory)
Producing, Trapping, and Studying Radioactive Ions

April 15: Prof. Chris Neu (University of Virginia)
The Interplay Between the Top Quark and the Higgs Boson: How a Discovery from a Generation Ago Can Help Us Understand the Latest Breakthrough in Particle Physics

April 22: Joe Grange (University of Florida)
Neutrino and Anti-Neutrino Cross-Section Results from MiniBooNE

April 25: Ben Loer (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Tantalizing Hints from CDMS-II Silicon Detectors

April 29: Jiajie Ling (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Precise Measurement of Electron Anti-Neutrino Disappearance at Daya Bay Experiment and Beyond

April 30: Tim Gorringe (University of Kentucky)
Precision Measurements of the Positive Muon Lifetime