High Energy Physics Group

Medium & High Energy Seminar Archive

Spring 2014

January 23: Bradford Benson (University of Chicago)
Measuring the Growth of Structure Using the Cosmic Microwave Background

January 27: Bjoern Penning (University of Bristol)
Discovering Dark Matter at the LHC

January 30: Frank Wuerthwein (University of California, San Diego)
The Supersymmetry Search Program of CMS

February 3: Olga Evdokimov (University of Chicago)
Jets on Landscape of Quark-Gluon Plasma

February 6: Cigdem Issever (CERN)
The Search for Exotic New Physics

February 10: Keith Ulmer (University of Colorado)
Preparing for Discovery: Supersymmetry Searches at the LHC

February 13: Benjamin Hooberman (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Higgs-Motivated Searches for Supersymmetry at CMS

February 17: Evangeline J. Downie (George Washington University)
Investigating the Nucleon with Electromagnetic Probes

February 20: Antonio Boveia (University of Chicago & Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Searching for New Physics with Jets

February 24: Marcelle Soares-Santos (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
The Dark Energy Survey: Early Science and Perspectives

March 3: Jeffrey Filippini (California Institute of Technology)
Casting a Cold Eye on the Dark Universe

March 6: Verena Martinez Outschoorn (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Searches for Top Squark Pairs at the LHC

March 10: Anne Sickles (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
The Lighter Side of Heavy Ions: News from p+A Collisions

March 20: Olivier Dore (Caltech)
Probing Fundamental Physics with Current and Future Cosmological Surveys

March 31: Michael Marino (Technical University, Munich)
Neutrinos, the Universe, and Liquid Xenon

April 3: Ke Han (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Searching for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with Bolometers

April 7: Yue Shi Lai (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Jet Physics in Heavy Ion Collisions: Poking the Primordial Fluid

April 17: Jared Evans (Rutgers University)
Under the Lens of RPV: An Examination of the LHC Program

April 21: Vikram Rentala (Michigan State University)
Identifying Dark Matter Interactions in Monojet Searches at the LHC

May 8: Jacques Soffer (Temple University)
New Results in the Quantum Statistical Approach to Parton Distributions

June 2: Prof. Fan Wang (Nanjing University)
Gauge Invariance, Lorentz Covariance, Canonical Quantization, and Nucleon Spin